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Helping people to learn free and open source technology for spatio-temporal data analyses, modelling and big data processing

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Summer school 2017

About us

15+ yrs expertise in spatial analysis mainly in the research sector for ecological applications. Well established in teaching spatio-temporal and Big Data processing on post-graduate level and higher world-wide.
Free & open source tech for data science, education & product development

Spatial Ecology is incorporated as not for profit organisation limited by guarantee, based in Cornwall, UK. We are an extraordinary and passionate group of people, organise trainings, travel the world and teach spatio-temporal data analysis and BigData processing using free and open source technology.

We mainly focus on ecosystem related disciplines and use machine learning and data mining techniques to explore satellite, geographical, climatic and environmental data.

Our approach is interdisciplinary and can be applied to other fields of applications such as socio-economical analyses.

If you have complex data sources and the need to extract relevant knowledge for specific questions, we have the expertise to help you.

  • Data mining
    Machine learning
    Predictive modeling
    High Performance Computing

  • Implement Open Data strategies
    Big Data - Social Media
    Remote Sensing
    Environmental data

  • Spatio-Temporal
    Scenarios and prioritization
    Complex data sources
    GIS - Geographic Information System

  • Environment, agriculture & renewable energy
    Ecosystem services & natural capital
    Mapping and monitoring

Go to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

GIS Training as support for the National forest assessments for the FAO in Tanzania.

Go to University of Yale, USA

University of Yale, USA

A series of workshops on data-intensive geo-spatial and environmental analysis on an open-source platform

Go to University of Santa Barbara, CA, USA

University of Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Summer School: Spatio-temporal analysis and Big Data processing

Go to University of Basilicata, Italy

University of Basilicata, Italy

Summer school: Spatio-Temporal data Analyses and BigData Processing Using Free and Open Source Software

Meet the TEAM

dedicated and enthusiastic Data Affectionists

Stefano Casalegno, Ph.D.

Stefano has set up SE since 2008. Currently his focus is on data science for transport networks & is not involved with SE. In his spare time he is probably busy experimenting with drone mapping and IoT sensor networks on a Tuscan olive orchard or trying to play reggae tunes on the Euphonium.

Giuseppe M. Amatulli, Ph.D.

Giuseppe loves the great Italian art of food as well as complex big data modelling techniques using stand-alone implementation process under Linux. When Giuseppe is not tracking the world’s clouds from satellites he might be out canyoning.

Victoria O’Brien

Web and media content, technical scientific project support, applied researcher
Throughout the years we have been cooperating with many outstanding scientists, technologists and designers who have participated in their areas of expertise in our projects.

Aerial mapping and processing of 3D models of very high resolution with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)

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