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AWS setup

cd /home/user/Downloads/
sudo chmod 400 /home/user/Downloads/keypair.pem
# see the below table for student ID
# ID student  1 2 3 4 
ssh -X -i /home/user/Downloads/keypair.pem  user*
# transfer file to the instance 
scp -i /home/user/Downloads/keypair.pem yourfile user**/
ID First Name Last Name Company
1 Bo Victor Thomsen Municipality of Frederikssund
2 Justin Peters Indiana University
3 Mark Scott Cartomation
4 Adam Steer Australian National University
5 Martin Ytre-Eide Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
6 Thayer Young Cicada Systems GIS Consulting
7 Seongkyu Lee APEC Climate Center
8 Jonas Lund Nielsen Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate
9 Andrew Chan Firstbasesolutions Inc
10 Aniruddha Ghosh University of California, Davis
11 Robert Dzur Bohannan Huston, Inc.
12 Bernie Doud Aero-Graphics, Inc.
13 Casey Francis Aero-Graphics, Inc.
14 Thea Youngs City of Portland
15 Anton Bakker GeoCat BV
16 Ionut Serban employer
17 Mark Burgoyne Met Office
18 Tim Bailey Humboldt State University
19 Saffia Hossainzadeh FM Global
20 Nathan Piekielek Penn State University
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