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Creating a new Grass project from Qgis

Open Qgis: type qgis from a bash terminal

  • Create a new folder that will be your new Grass DBASE
mkdir ~/ost4sem/NEW_GRASSDB
  • Go to the menue: plugin > GRASS > New mapset
  • Select ~/ost4sem/NEW_GRASSDB as new database
  • Create a new location
  • Select the Projection you want to use as location proj.
  • Create a new mapset

Qgis as grass Gui

Open Grass and type qgis &

Select the menu Plugin > GRASS > open GRASS tools
You visualise a GUI with 3 tabs:

  • Browser: to look at your working directory maps
  • Modules list: to access grass modules by name and use them
  • Modules tree: to access grass modules ordered by functions and use them
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