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 +===== Case studies =====
 +These two case studies take a real example of research application and drives the students through the full scripting-process in order to get to the final maps and graphics which highlight the conclusions.\\
 +  * [[wiki:​firemod | Projecting future burnt area in the EU-Mediterranean countries under IPCC SRES A2/B2 climate change scenarios. ]]
 +  * [[wiki:​forestmod | Modelling and mapping the Natural Forest Distribution of Italy and predicting changes for the year 2080 under IPCC SRES A2a scenario.]]
 +  * [[wiki:​urbanmod | Urban and Peri-Urban Tree Cover in European Cities: Current Distribution and Future Vulnerability Under Climate Change Scenarios.]] Computational implementation of the //Global Warming// book chapter published by Intech Open Access Publisher.
 +  * [[wiki:​delate | delate ]]
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