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 +====== Template for project poposal ======
 +click and download\\
 +====== Installation ======
 +  * Download the [[http://​​virtualM/​ | Ubuntu_05062010.7z ​ compressed file]]. This file is 3 825 866 333B (3.56 GB), be sure that you download the full file.
 +  * Create a new folder on your c:\ disk and rename it as an example //"​virtualOS"//​
 +  * Take out the zip extention, by renaming the file
 +  * Extract ( by http://​​) ​ the //​Ubuntu_05062010.7z // file in your //​C:​\virtualOS\//​ folder. The virtualOS folder will contain ~9 GB of unpacked data. The extracting procedure is quite long less the 1 hour. 
 +  * Download and install the [[http://​​products/​player/​|wmware player]] suitable for your OS. 
 +  * Open the vmware player, click on //open a Virtual Machine//; select //​C:​\virtualOS\ubuntu_050602010\Ubuntu.vmx//​ and click on //play virtual machine// and select //I copied// option if requested by vmware player
 +  * Create a folder in windows C:\vm_data enable the sharing option. This it will be the folder that the students can use to communicate between MW and LinuxVM.
 +  * On vmware player select VM\settings\options\shared folders and select //always enabled// and under the path select the  C:\vm_data folder.
 +  * On the desktop of the Ubuntu VM there is a folder called shared_on_ws. Confirm that the folder is linked with the C:\vm_data
 +  * The root password for the VMUbuntu is "​user"​
 +====== Students ======
 +^Surname^Firstname^Affiliation^Country^Email address^Project idea^
 +|Altinoka|Alper|Department of Plant Protection, Agriculture Faculty, Erciyes University|Turkey||???​|
 +|Åström|Jens|Department of Ecology, SLU|Sweden||Explain and predict abundance and distribution patterns of bumblebees and butterflies in southern Norway|
 +|Auffret|Alistair|Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University|Sweden||Dispersal of a grassland specialist plant in the rural landscape after restoration from abandoned grasslands and arable fields|
 +|Bergsten|Arvid|Systems Ecology, Stockholm University|Sweden||To study habitat networks in forests in Northern Sweden (has forest data)|
 +|Bodart|Catherine|Global Environment Monitoring Unit, Institute for Environment and Sustainability,​ Joint Research Centre – European Commission|Italy||Protecting vegetation cover changes in Africa|
 +|Bukontaite|Rasa|Klaipeda University Coastal research and planning institute|Lithuania||Spread pathways of zebra mussel in the Lithuanian waters|
 +|Endresen|Dag|Nordic Genetic Resources Center, Lund - Department of Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen|Sweden - Denmark||Association between agronomical trait data for plan genetic resources (primitive cultivars, landraces and crop|
 +|Espindola|Giovana Mira |National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi)|Brazil||???​|
 +|Hansen|Line Block|DMU, University of Aarhus|Denmark||Analysis of the phosphorus Index in DK or Odense Å Catchment area only|
 +|Heimes|Christine|Department of Agriculture and Ecology, Faculty of Life Sciences|Denmark||Analysing the geographic mosaic of Barbarea vulgaris-polymorphs in Denmark (and neighbouring countries) with linkage to local plant and herbivore communities|
 +|Ipsen|Susan Nasirumbi|Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen|Denmark||???​|
 +|Konrad|Maria|DMU,​ University of Aarhus|Denmark||Spatial heterogeneity in the effect of implementing water pollution abatement measures|
 +|Mwakalukwa|Ezekiel Edward|Forest & Landscape, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen|Denmark||Spacial distribution of biomass in forests|
 +|Palmu|Erkki|Department of Chemical Ecology, Lund University|Sweden||Cost-benifit analysis – studying dispersal of natural enimies such as Carabids in agricultural landscapes|
 +|Petersen|Toke Emil Panduro|Forest & Landscape, Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen|Denmark||Spacio-temporal dynamics|
 +|Pradas|Marta Cirach|Center of Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL)|Spain||Air pollution modelling using different predictor variables such as land uses, trafic data, population, altitude|
 +|Son|Thijs Christiaan van|Department of Biology and Natural History Museum, University of Oslo|Norway||Habitat suitability modeling of molluscan fauna in the Oslofjord|
 +|Timmermann|Allan|Department of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University|Denmark||???​|
 +|Trubins|Renats|Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre|Sweden||Analysis with k-NN classified satellite sciences for Sweden|
 +|Wittwer|Torben|Department of Earth & Ecosystem Sciences, Lund University|Sweden||How do land-use pattern determine the distribution of butterflies in Sweden?|
 +|Yang|Zhenlin|Lund University|Sweden||Bioclimatic modelling of the vegetation pattern in Northern Sweden|
 +===== Pasword and login =====
 +^ Ubuntu 10.04 virtual machine ^^
 +|login |user |
 +|password |user |
 +^ www.spatial ^^
 +|login |unidk2010 |
 +|password |unidk2010 |
 +[[wiki:​surveydk2010|Satisfactory survey]]
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