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R data

You can directly download data from an url and open it within an R session

 R =file(description = "",open = "rb")
  • advanceRdata An R 'data.frame' inclusive of 6506 obs. of 78 variables concerning plants/ bioclimate factors relationships

on gisvm you find this data : ~/ost4sem/data/Rdata/advanceRdata

Errata corrige Data

Error in files

If you look at folder ~/ost4sem/exercise/basicadvr

You can see data format type = FILENAME.R.pdf

.R.pdf is an error ! correct file name is *.R

To change from .R.pdf into .R you can run the following commands

cd ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_r
for file in *.R.pdf ; do echo cp $file `basename $file .pdf` ; done  # to see what is going to be performed
for file in *.R.pdf ; do cp $file $(basename $file .pdf) ; done 

Download Data

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