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Exercise 4a: Study phenology for user defined pixels

In this exercise, the following tools will be used:

  • pktools: pkinfo
  • bash: for loop, redirect.

Create a directory for this exercise

mkdir -p ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise4

Create text file with a single pixel in different land cover classes

cat > ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise4/points.txt <<EOF
water 3323125 3162875
forest 3225625 3123125
grass 3225625 3123625
agriculture 3226375 3123125

Extract the pixels from the MODIS images using pkinfo

cat ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise4/points.txt |while read LC X Y;do
    echo "create a MODIS250 NDVI time series over $LC"
    for MONTH in 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12;do
	pkinfo -i $IMGNDVI -x $X -y $Y -geo -r
    done > ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise4/${LC}_modis250_ndvi.txt

Open image with openev, find pixels and check if first pixel is correctly extracted

plot the profiles in gnuplot (click here for the code)

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