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 +====== Exercise 6b: Morphological filtering ======
 +In this exercise, the following tools will be used:
 +  * pktools: pkfilter and pkcrop
 +  * bash: environment variables
 +__Dilate cloud mask with circular kernel of size 5x5__
 +<code bash>
 +pkfilter -i ${OUTPUTDIR}/​exercise6/​cloudmask.tif -o ${OUTPUTDIR}/​exercise6/​cloudmask_dil.tif -f dilate -dx 5 -dy 5 -c
 +<note tip>
 +If slow computer, perform the morphological filter on subimage using pkcrop
 +<code bash>
 +pkcrop -i ${OUTPUTDIR}/​exercise6/​cloudmask.tif -o ${OUTPUTDIR}/​exercise6/​cloudmask_crop.tif -ulx $ULX -uly $ULY -lrx $LRX -lry $LRY
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