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Exercise 8b: publishing results on file and the web

The following tools will be used in this exercise:
pktools: pkinfo, pkmosaic, pksetmask, pkextract
GDAL/OGR: gdal_translate, gdal2tiles,py
openev, QGIS

Visualize classification result in openev (or QGIS)

openev -h ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/19990724_L7E_IM_FMAP.tif

First generate key (e.g., my key is: AxxxY) Then we need to convert paletted file (GTiff with colour table) to RGB(A) file. We can do this with a virtual file:

gdal_translate -of vrt -expand rgba ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/19990724_L7E_IM_FMAP.tif temp.vrt

Create tiles -g AxxxY temp.vrt

By default this created levels from 6-11. To increase one zoom level, you can extend by: -g AxxxY -e -z 12 temp.vrt

Directory temp will be created with tiles and PNG images that can be viewed in internet browser

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