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Exercise 8c: validating classification results

The following tools will be used in this exercise:
pktools: pkeditogr, pkdiff
GDAL/OGR: ogr2ogr

Create independent SQLite vector for validation of forest (we use Cornwall admin vector)

ogr2ogr -f "SQLite" ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/cornwall_validation_forest.sqlite ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise1/cornwall_forest_3035.shp

Add label for type Integer for forest: 1

pkeditogr -i ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/cornwall_validation_forest.sqlite -an label -at Integer -av 1 -f SQLite -o ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation_forest_label.sqlite

Create a SQLite vector with single attribute 'landuse' and retain selection of non-forest polygons that we did not use yet for training: 'reservoir', 'retail', 'villagegreen','farmland', 'farmyard', 'recreationground', 'railway', 'allotments', 'cemetery', 'quarry', 'farm', 'military', 'construction', 'field', 'orchard', 'paddock'

ogr2ogr -f "SQLite" ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/osm_validation_nonforest.sqlite ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise7/osm_multipolygons.sqlite -where "landuse in ('reservoir', 'retail', 'village_green','farmland', 'farmyard', 'recreation_ground', 'railway', 'allotments', 'cemetery', 'quarry', 'farm', 'military', 'construction', 'field', 'orchard', 'paddock')" -select 'landuse'

Now add label of type Integer for non-forest: 2

pkeditogr -i ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/osm_validation_nonforest.sqlite -an label -at Integer -av 2 -f SQLite -o ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation_nonforest_label.sqlite

Merge the validation vectors for forest and non-forest

ogr2ogr -f SQLite ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation.sqlite ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation_forest_label.sqlite
ogr2ogr -f SQLite -update -append ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation.sqlite ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation_nonforest_label.sqlite

Validate the forest non-forest map:

pkdiff -i ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/19990724_L7E_IM_FMAP.tif -ref ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation.sqlite -cm -nodata 251 -nodata 254 -nodata 255 -o ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise8/validation_output.sqlite -f SQLite
Polygons will be validated in their centroid points only
You can use pkextract to create point data from polygons
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