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Identifying participant expectations

Write in this section a sentence that identify your expectations for this course.

Writing section

Martin Weiss, 2015/06/15 07:30

Expectation: Getting started with R and open-source programing.

Yelena, 2015/06/15 07:31

To gain basic competency in Linux, particularly for using Open Foris Geospatial Toolkit.

Juliana Stropp, 2015/06/15 07:31

I would like to learn to: 1) handle and visualize big data and 2) address spatio-temporal autocorrelation.

simone, 2015/06/15 07:31

- how to properly set up a linux virtual environment on a windows machine - what is batch programming and how to do it?

Christian, 2015/06/15 07:32

Improve and sharpen skills in big data processing with open source tools (GRASS, R; QGIS), particularly by combing these (also interested in cluster computing)

Christos Kalogeropoulos, 2015/06/15 07:32

In the end of this summer school I expect to remember as much as I can the programming tools that I was using some years ago and apply them on my job in the University of Thessaloniki.

Aidin Niamir, 2015/06/15 07:32

I am expecting to learn how to deal with spatio-temporal data on massive-memory and parallel machines.

Mauro Viccaro, 2015/06/15 07:32

I need to improve the use of R software and to learn open source Gis software like grass/Qgis

Angela Fiore, 2015/06/15 07:32

To get introduced to open software tools for environmental data management and processing, and to gain some useful skills to autonomously evolve in this field.

Alzira , 2015/06/15 07:33

I expected to work with big data in short time processing.

Philipp, 2015/06/15 07:33

My expectation of this course is to advance my skills in image processing and OS GIS classification & visualization. I'd like my workflow to be based on OS software solely.

Achim Haeger, 2015/06/15 07:33

I would like to learn about using open source / free software for remote sensing imagery analysis and processing, and also for teaching students basic applications of GIS.

Thomas Katagis, 2015/06/15 07:33

My expectations is to expand my knowledge in R analysis, but also be guided and gain as much knowledge as possible regarding all the other topics.

Cristina, 2015/06/15 07:33

Get better knowledge on tools to efficiently manage and visualize big data

rosa taranto, 2015/06/15 07:33

I would spend a nice day with you to undestand some new informatic tools

xenia, 2015/06/15 07:33

Intro to R, GDAL library, software (esp. GRASS. Get an idea of RS problems for environmental (or not) purposes and how to solve them. Form an idea how I might use this in cartography

Helmi, 2015/06/15 07:33

I am working with Climatic data and doing climate change studies and trying to publish some papers in this field. That is why I need to do spatial and temporal analysis. I know some basic knowledge but I need more (more tools). That is why I am here. Thanks

Karan, 2015/06/15 07:34

To get at least (more than) basic knowledge of what I am not familiar with, and learn how to use and go more into details of those software that I definitely need for my future study life.

Marco Trombetti, 2015/06/15 07:34

By the end of the week, I hope to have a clear and good overview of the tools available in this environment and to understand and which of them would be useful for the work i am doing now and i'll do in the future.

Zhendong, 2015/06/15 07:34

efficiently perform spatio-temporal analysis and modelling of environmental data, meanwhile, if the course will include a few of data assimilation, it will be great.

Silvia Pietroforte, 2015/06/15 07:34

I hope to learn something about ITC tools which might be useful in future

Marco Tavoloni, 2015/06/15 07:35

Upgrade my knowledge in gis, programming and statistics platforms for my work and for a better and innovative environmental planning.

Juan Arevalo, 2015/06/15 07:35

My expectation for this course is to improve my programming skills, good practices in programming, integration of different programming languages and overall get to know more about big data processing and parallel computing.

Alba Nicoletta Mininni, 2015/06/15 07:35

My expectation for this course is to analyse data of my research in a better way than what I've done till now.

Enrico, 2015/06/15 07:36

At the end of the week I would like to learn basic skills on using Linux and programming, that will allow me to understand the programming language.

Cédric Scherer, 2015/06/15 07:36

I want to learn about visualization of spatial and spatio-temporal patterns (e.g. movements, home ranges) and using open-source programs to identify and work with environmental factors, habitats, roads etc.

Maria Paola Giorgio, 2015/06/15 07:36

I'm going to try to learn something new and take this opportunity to go on

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