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 +====== Advance GDAL and OGR script======
 +Gdal and OGR combined with awk and other bash commands can be used to create your own geotools.
 +===== Build up your geo-tools =====
 +Script: open by kate but do not modify [[http://​​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr/​ | ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr/​]]\\
 +Data: [[http://​​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr/​input.tif | ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr/​input.tif ]]\\
 +Directory: ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr\\
 +Read the explanation carefully and try to understand the script, returning to the following questions:​\\
 +1. line\\
 +Which is the format indicated by "-of AAIGrid"?​ What is its typical structure?​\\
 +What indicates the $1 symbol?\\
 +Run only the first line using input.tif and open the grid_asc.asc using //more.//\\
 +What is this file?\\
 +2. line\\
 +Explain the awk syntax. If you do not know, search on the Internet.\\
 +Run it. Open the file output.
 +<code bash>
 +cd ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr ​
 +sh ​ input.tif output.asc
 +Use openev to check whether the pixel values are correct.\\
 +A more complicated script is this \\
 +Open it, study it and run! Enjoy!\\
 +Exercise: ​
 +Using the catted images of your country run a or more complicate for all the images by a loop.