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 +====== Basic Gnuplot script======
 +Script: open a new document by kate and save it to [[http://​​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gnuplot/​ | ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gnuplot/​ ]]\\
 +Data: [[http://​​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gnuplot/​aver_month_nuts3.asc | ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gnuplot/​aver_month_nuts3.asc ]]\\
 +Directory: ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gnuplot
 +===== Do it by yourself =====
 +Migrate to ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gnuplot\\
 +Using the syntax of the previous pages try to solve the following task: 
 +Use the file aver_month_nuts3.asc and plot AV_FWI and AV_DSR.\\
 +Speed up the process by sampling the data by awk.\\
 +Are the two variables correlated?​\\
 +Make a 3D plot using AV_FFMC AV_DMC AV_ISI, sampling the data using awk.\\
 +Rotate the graphics and find out if there are some outliers.\\
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