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GRASS70 Create Location using ancillary layer

Create a location in a new grass database using a referenced dataset.

Create a new GrassDataBase and copy the input.tif

rm -rf ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew/
mkdir ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew/
cp ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_gdalogr/input.tif ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew/input.tif

Define a projection to the input.tif

cd ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew/
gdalwarp   -t_srs EPSG:4326  -s_srs EPSG:4326  input.tif input_proj.tif

Run the grass70 command which create the newlocation based on the input_proj.tif

rm -rf ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew/newlocation
grass72 -text -c input_proj.tif newlocation ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew input=input_proj.tif  output=input_proj

import the date

for file in *.tif 
filename=$(basename $file .tif) input=$file.tif  output=$file

from csv to shapefile


import the shapefile 
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