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Generate Bioclimatic predictors surface maps

For plotting a future prediction of the Natural Forest map in Italy under a future climate scenario we need to input in the random Forest model information for the future climatic conditions.
This Script uploads and clips raster data of Future Climate Scenario IPCC Sres A2a ENS model for the year 2080. Data are derived from worldclim database.
ENS model is the averaged climatic model of CCMA, CSIRO and HADCM3 models

Open grass and set the extent and working environment

From a linux terminal make sure you are in the Gisdbase folder:

   cd ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew/europe

Enter grass in command line mode :

   grass -text ~/ost4sem/grassdbnew/europe/Vmodel

Check your working environment. It should look like this:

GRASS 6.4.0RC5 (europe):~/ost4sem/grassdb/europe > g.gisenv
[Raster MASK present]

Set the study area as mask:
r.mask -o input=mask_ita

Grass shuld inform you:“MASK created. All subsequent raster operations will be limited to MASK area. Removing or renaming raster file named MASK will restore raster operations to normal

Now we procede as follows:

  • Import Raster climate data at European Extent from ARC INFO GRID format to GRASS format
  • Clip rasters to the Italian extent
  • Delete European extent rasters

Upload raster data

Import all ArcInfo raster files predictor variables for FUTURE CLIMATE into GRASS format

   for  (( dir=1 ; dir<=9 ; dir ++ ))  ; do -o input="/home/ste/ost4sem/studycase/ITA_veg/data/ENS_A2a_2080b/pr10"$dir"/hdr.adf"  output=pr10$dir"Feurope"  --overwrite
   for  (( dir=10 ; dir<=39 ; dir ++ ))  ; do -o input="/home/ste/ost4sem/studycase/ITA_veg/data/ENS_A2a_2080b/pr1"$dir"/hdr.adf"  output=pr1$dir"Feurope"  --overwrite
   for  dir in  198 199 ; do -o input="/home/ste/ost4sem/studycase/ITA_veg/data/ENS_A2a_2080b/pr"$dir"/hdr.adf"  output=pr$dir"Feurope"  --overwrite

Clip GRASS FORMAT Raster predictor variables from the European to the italian extent

   for  (( pr=1 ; pr<=9 ; pr ++ ))  ; do
      r.mapcalc pr10$pr"ENSA2a80" = pr10$pr"Feurope" 
   for  (( pr=10 ; pr<=39 ; pr ++ ))  ; do
      r.mapcalc pr1$pr"ENSA2a80" = pr1$pr"Feurope"
   for  pr in  198 199 ; do
      r.mapcalc pr$pr"ENSA2a80" = pr$pr"Feurope"

Remove European extent GRASS FORMAT Raster predictor variables

   for  (( pr=1 ; pr<=9 ; pr ++ ))  ; do
      g.remove rast=pr10$pr"Feurope"
   for  (( pr=10 ; pr<=39 ; pr ++ ))  ; do
      g.remove rast=pr1$pr"Feurope" 
   for  pr in  198 199 ; do
      g.remove rast=pr$pr"Feurope" 

That's all folks! Future climatic rasters are now available for plotting future scenario maps using this R script

~/ost4sem/studycase/ITAveg/Rscript/mapRFITAveg_ENS2080.R script

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