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 +<code bash ->​
 +#Modified by Stefano casalegno from getData version 0.2 written by Hans Bosch and Sonya Ahamed for AfSIS project, Columbia University ​
 +#This script downloads Modis data for computing NDVI cumulate values in Cornwall as a metric of the ecosystem service value plant productivity
 +#Pre condition:
 +#    Adequate space needs to be allocated for downloads and temp files
 +#    Write permissions to file system ​
 +#    The variable tileList needs to contain the exact name of the tile
 +#    Network access to Modis ftp server ftp://​
 +#    Requires curl to be installed see http://​
 +#Post condition:
 +#    Base directory is created with multiple date sub directories ​
 +#    Sub directories created and populated with desired tiles
 +#    Script builds directories starting from script execution point
 +#    Select the zone of interest from this file http://​​data/​
 +#    Declare tiles to download in variable tileList (see details on the sinusoidal projection here http://​​modis-sinusoidal-gis-files/ ​ )
 +#    your working dir is named after modis product name: (see https://​​products/​modis_products_table)
 +#    Create root directory for downloads https://​​products/​modis_products_table/​mod13q1
 +mkdir ~/MODIS
 +cd ~/MODIS/
 +tileList=(h18v03 h17v03 h17v4) # My zone of interest ​
 +baseDir=MOD13Q1.005 ​           # MODIS product name
 +mkdir $baseDir
 +cd $baseDir
 +#Determine the directory dates for $baseDir
 +curl ftp://​​MOLT/​$baseDir/​ --user anonymous:​ > dirDates
 +for eachDate in `cat dirDates|awk '​{print $8}'` ; do #Process each date in the $baseDir
 +echo $eachDate
 +mkdir $eachDate
 +cd $eachDate ​   # Now that we have the dates get the directory listing under that date
 +curl ftp://​​MOLT/​$baseDir/​$eachDate/​ --user anonymous:​ > allFiles4Date
 +grep hdf allFiles4Date > files2Get ​        # From all the files only get the *.hdf and *.hdf.xml files
 +   for eachTile in ${tileList[*]} ; do     # Get only the tiles needed ​
 +   grep $eachTile files2Get > tiles2Get
 +     for eachFile in `cat tiles2Get|awk '​{print $8}'` ; do 
 +     curl -O ftp://​​MOLT/​$baseDir/​$eachDate/​$eachFile --user anonymous:​
 +     done
 +   done
 +cd ..  #Change directory up one to base dir
 +#### Set Grass environment ​
 +# Define the appropriate UK projection to the project using an existing image reprojected to the target EPSG:27700
 +mkdir ~/​MODIS/​grassdb
 +cd ~/​ost4sem/​grassdb/​
 +gdalwarp ​  ​-t_srs EPSG:​27700 ​ -s_srs EPSG:​3035 ​ ost4sem/​studycase/​ITA_veg/​data/​physic_pr/​pr200/​hdr.adf input_proj.tif
 +bash ~/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_grass/​ input_proj.tif modis27700
 +# Setting GRASS variables for GRASS bash job
 +export GRASSDB=~/​MODIS/​grassdb
 +export LOCATION=modis27700
 +echo "​LOCATION_NAME:​ $LOCATION" ​                 >  $HOME/​.grassrc6_$$
 +echo "​MAPSET:​ $MAPSET" ​                          >>​ $HOME/​.grassrc6_$$
 +echo "​DIGITIZER:​ none" ​                          >>​ $HOME/​.grassrc6_$$
 +echo "​GRASS_GUI:​ text" ​                          >>​ $HOME/​.grassrc6_$$
 +echo "​GISDBASE:​ $GRASSDB"​ >> $HOME/​.grassrc6_$$
 +export GISBASE=/​usr/​lib/​grass64
 +export PATH=$PATH:​$GISBASE/​bin:​$GISBASE/​scripts
 +export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="​$GISBASE/​lib"​
 +export GISRC=~/​.grassrc6_$$
 +export GIS_LOCK=$$ ​ #   use process ID (PID) as lock file number
 +g.mapset -c mapset=processing
 +##### Next steps are 
 +#       - convert hdr to Gtif, 
 +#       - MERGE tiles 
 +#       - REPROJECT DATA to EPSG27700 UK projection
 +#       - cumulate all images using only positive values ​
 +cd /​disk2/​MODIS
 +mkdir $baseDir"​_TIF"​
 +mkdir MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI
 +mkdir MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI_Merge
 +cd /​disk2/​MODIS/​MOD13Q1.005
 +# create a template file with all pixels = 0 values
 +eachDate=2000.02.18 -o ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​template_modis_proj.tif $(ls ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI/​*tif)
 +gdalwarp -s_srs '​+proj=sinu +R=6371007.181 +nadgrids=@null +wktext'​ -t_srs EPSG:27700 -r cubic  ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​template_modis_proj.tif ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​template_27700.tif -e input=/​disk2/​MODIS/​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​template_27700.tif output=template ​
 +g.region rast=template ​ nsres=236.13777419 ewres=236.13777419
 +r.mapcalc template = "​0"​
 +for eachDate in `cat dirDates|awk '​{print $8}'` ; do #Process each date in the $baseDir
 +echo $eachDate
 +cd $eachDate
 +for file in *.hdf ; do
 +gdal_translate ​ '​HDF4_EOS:​EOS_GRID:"'​$file'":​MODIS_Grid_16DAY_250m_500m_VI:​250m 16 days NDVI' ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI/​NDVI_$eachDate$(basename $file .hdf)"​.tif"​
 + -o ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI_Merge/​NDVI$eachDate.tif $(ls ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI/​*tif)
 +gdalwarp -s_srs '​+proj=sinu +R=6371007.181 +nadgrids=@null +wktext'​ -t_srs EPSG:27700 -r cubic   ​../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI_Merge/​NDVI$eachDate.tif ​ ../​../​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI_Merge/​NDVI_import.tif
 +r.external input=/​disk2/​MODIS/​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI_Merge/​NDVI_import.tif output=import --overwrite
 +r.mapcalc out = "​if( ​ import >= 0 , template+import ​ , template )"
 +r.mapcalc template = out
 +rm ~/​MODIS/​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI_Merge/​*
 +rm ~/​MODIS/​MOD13Q1.005_TIF/​NDVI/​*
 +cd ../
 +r.out.gdal input=template output=~/​MODIS/​NDVI_sum.tif
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