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Languages/Software data integration: GDAL, PKTOOLS and R

The main aim of this page is to show how to integrate GDAL and R sw under BASH environment.

This is a draft and you have to modify according to your needs.
For this we create an exercise using
tif: ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_gdalogr/fagus_sylvatica/20*43023435.tif
shp: ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_gdalogr/fagus_sylvatica/poly_fr.shp
shp: ~/Dropbox/poly_fr.shp
The object of the exercise is to calculate the Moran's I index (using R) inside the polygons of the shape file.

Open the files with openev to get familiar with the geodata.

Setting WORKING directory.


Copy referenced dataset in the working directory.

mkdir $DIR
cd $DIR
cp ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_gdalogr/fagus_sylvatica/20*_TSSP*43023435.tif  $DIR/
cp ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_gdalogr/fagus_sylvatica/poly_fr.*    $DIR/ 

Split the shapefile

Create two independent shapefile, one for each polygon, using ogr2ogr

 ogr2ogr .......  

Crop the tif based on the shapefile

Crop the tif and set the out part to -1. Consider later how the -1 is read in R. You do not have compute the Moran's I considering the -1

for file in ~/ost4sem/moran/20*43023435.tif ; do 
   pkcrop -e  .....using shapefile
   pkcrop -e  .....using the other shapefile 

Calculate Moran's I in R

Create a loop that calculates Moran's I ('s_I) to each tif.

for file_crop in  ..........  ; do  
export file_crop=$file_crop
# start R and import bash variables (the file name)
R --vanilla -q <<EOF
file_crop = Sys.getenv('file_crop')
# load grass raster data 
rastD = raster( paste ("/home/user/ost4sem/moran/",file_crop,sep=""))
# calculate Moran's I
M_text = Moran(rastD)
#Write the results to a simple text file
write.table (M_text[1] ,paste("moran_",file_crop,".txt",sep="" )  ,row.names = F , col.names = F)

Look at these files (which contain Moran's I for each separate raster)

 cat $DIR/moran_*_TSSP_IP-*_43023435_crop.txt 

Extract Moran's I average using AWK

 cat $DIR/moran_*_TSSP_IP-*_43023435_crop.txt   | awk '{ sum=sum+$1 } END { print sum/NR}  ' 


Create a unique script and try to run with

 bash ~/ost4sem/moran/


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