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Registration Fees

Registration is on a first come, first served basis and it will be closed when it reaches 25 participants. Therefore, we encourage participant to register ASAP. A waiting list will be establish in case of over-passing the 25 participants.
The course Registration Fee includes: 42 hours class training, student supervision, course auditing, course material within a USB flash drive inclusive of software, lectures and sample data, six lunch bags (with local product and a social dinner (Friday night). ECTA credits and/ or attendance certificate can be requested.

All participants have to pay a registration fee in accordance with the location of their institution (see the table below). The registration fee can be payed by a bank transfer to the following bank account:

Giuseppe Amatulli
IBAN ES4400730100520449294647

In order to get approved the registration, the participant have to fill-in the following questionnaire and send an e-mail to with their name, affiliation, questionnaire-name, and the bank transfer confirmation.

Overview of Conference fee.

Fees Institution/State (based on per capita gross domestic product ranking list)
350 Euro EU institution & International Organizations - Luxembourg - Norway - Switzerland - Denmark - Ireland - Austria - The Netherlands - Belgium - France - Sweden - Finland - Germany - Iceland - United Kingdom - Malta - other countries
300 Euro Italy - Spain - Greece - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Estonia - Slovenia - Lithuania - Poland - Hungary - Portugal - Latvia
250 Euro University of Basilicata* - Croatia - Bulgaria - Turkey - Romania - Belarus - Serbia - Albania - Bosnia - Republic of Macedonia - Ukraine - Moldova - Kosovo - Montenegro - other developing countries

* Students from the University of Basilicata benefit of lowest fees rate and 6 places reserved as compensation for hosting the event.

Re-found policy

Written notification of registration cancellation must be e-mailed to If registration cancellation is received by April 1, 2015, registrant will receive a refund of registration fee less a $100 processing fee. We will retain 250€ for cancellation notice submitted after April 1, 2015 unless candidates from waiting list accept to replace withdrawal candidates.

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