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Dr Pieter Kempeneers

Pieter is an engineer in electronics and has been working as a researcher since 1995. He started with the Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing at the Ghent University Since 1999, he has been working as a scientist in remote sensing with national and international research institutes (VITO, Belgium and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Italy). His research focus is on image processing, pattern recognition, and multi- and hyperspectral image analysis. Most of the projects he is working on are related to policy support for the environment with an emphasys on vegetation studies (biodiversity and forestry). Pieter is an excellent programmer and is the author of pktools, an open source toolkit for geospatial (large) data processing, writen in C++.


PhD in Science (physics) at Antwerp University, Belgium (2006). Information extraction from hyperspectra images, applied to vegetation.
Engineer in electronics, Ghent University, Belgium (1994).

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