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 pkcreatect - create colour table


   pkcreatect [OPTION]


 Create, attach or remove a colour table to or from a raster file


   -i     --input                Input image file (default: <empty string>)
   -o     --output               Output image file (default: <empty string>)
   -l     --legend               Create legend as png file (default: <empty string>)
   -dim   --dim                  number of columns and rows in legend. (default: 100)
   -m     --min                  minimum value (default: 0)
   -M     --max                  maximum value (default: 100)
   -g     --grey                 grey scale (default: false)
   -ct    --ct                   color table (file with 5 columns: id R G B ALFA (0: transparent, 255: solid) (default: <empty string>)
   -d     --description          Set image description (default: <empty string>)
   -of    --oformat              Output image format (see also gdal_translate). Empty string: inherit from input image (default: GTiff)
   -co    --co                   options: NAME=VALUE [-co COMPRESS=LZW] [-co INTERLEAVE=BAND] (default: INTERLEAVE=BAND)
   -v     --verbose              verbose (default: false)


pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_ct.tif -m 0 -M 50 # attach color table to image with values between 0 and 50
pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_ct.tif -m 0 -M 100 -l legend.tif # attach grey scale "color" table to image with values between 0 and 100 and create a legend image (annotation needs to be drawn manually)
pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_ct.tif -ct colourtable.txt # attach predefined color table to image
pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_noct.tif -ct none # remove color table from image
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