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 pkfilter - filter raster file


   pkfilter -i input -o output [OPTION]


 Filter input raster file with user- or predefined filters


   -i     --input                input image file (default: <empty string>)
   -o     --output               Output image file (default: <empty string>)
   -c     --circular             circular disc kernel for dilation and erosion (default: false)
   -f     --filter               filter function (0: median, 1: variance, 2: min, 3: max, 4: sum, 5: mean, 6: minmax, 7: dilation, 8: erosion, 9: closing, 10: opening, 11: spatially homogeneous, 12: SobelX edge detection in X, 13: SobelY edge detection in Y, 14: SobelXY (not supported), 15: smooth, 16: density, 17: majority voting (only for classes), 18: forest aggregation (mixed), 19: smooth no data (mask) values), 20: threshold local filtering (default: 0)
   -dx    --dx                   filter kernel size in x, must be odd (example: 3). (default: 0)
   -dy    --dy                   filter kernel size in y, must be odd (example: 3).. Set dy=0 if 1-D filter must be used in band domain (default: 0)
   -co    --co                   options: NAME=VALUE [-co COMPRESS=LZW] [-co INTERLEAVE=BAND] (default: INTERLEAVE=BAND)
   -class   --class                class value(s) to use for density, erosion, dilation, openening and closing, thresholding (default: 1)
   -t     --threshold            threshold value(s) to use for threshold filter (one for each class) (default: 0)
          --mask                 mask value(s)  (default: -1)
   -tap   --tap                  text file conttaining taps used for filtering (from ul to lr). Use dimX and dimY to specify tap dimensions in x and y. Leave empty for not using taps (default: <empty string>)
   -d     --down                 down sampling factor. Use value 1 for no downsampling) (default: 1)
          --ct                   color table (file with 5 columns: id R G B ALFA (0: transparent, 255: solid) (default: <empty string>)
   -v     --verbose              verbose mode if > 0 (default: 0)


pkfilter -i input.tif -o filter.tif -dx 3 -dy 3 -class 255 -f 7 -c # filter input.tif with morphological dilation filter (-f 7). Use circular kernel of size 3x3. Consider only values of 255 for filtering operation. Typical usage: dilate cloud values with value 255 only
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