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 pkreclass - replace pixel values in raster file


   pkreclass -i input -o output [OPTION]


 Reclassify pixels from class to reclass using command line options or ASCII code file


   -i     --input                Input image (default: <empty string>)
   -m     --mask                 Mask image(s) (default: <empty string>)
   -t     --invalid              Mask value(s) where image is invalid. Use one value for each mask, or multiple values for a single mask. (default: 1)
   -f     --flag                 Flag value to put in image if not valid (0) (default: 0)
   -code   --code                 Recode text file (2 colums: from to) (default: <empty string>)
   -c     --class                list of classes to reclass (in combination with reclass option) (default: <empty string>)
   -r     --reclass              list of recoded class(es) (in combination with class option) (default: <empty string>)
   -ct    --ct                   color table (file with 5 columns: id R G B ALFA (0: transparent, 255: solid) (default: <empty string>)
   -o     --output               Output mask file (default: <empty string>)
   -ot    --otype                Data type for output image ({Byte/Int16/UInt16/UInt32/Int32/Float32/Float64/CInt16/CInt32/CFloat32/CFloat64}). Empty string: inherit type from input image (default: <empty string>)
   -b     --band                 band index to replace (other bands are copied to output) (default: 0)
   -n     --fname                field name of the shape file to be replaced (default: label)
   -co    --co                   options: NAME=VALUE [-co COMPRESS=LZW] [-co INTERLEAVE=BAND] (default: INTERLEAVE=BAND)
   -d     --description          Set image description (default: <empty string>)
   -v     --verbose              verbose (default: 0)


pkreclass -i input1.tif -o output.tif -c 1 -r 0 -c 2 -r 0 # replace pixel values 1 and 2 with value 0
pkreclass -i vector.shp -o output.shp -c FROM -r TO -n INFIELD # replace FROM with TO in field INFIELD (of type string) in vector file vector.shp and write to new vector output.shp

Advanced examples

for((i=0;i<256;++i));do if(($i<100));then echo "$i 1";else echo "$i 0";fi;done > code.txt; pkreclass -i input1.tif -o output.tif --code code.txt; # replace all values smaller than 100 with 1, all other values with 0
pkreclass -i input1.tif -o output.tif $(for((i=0;i<256;++i));do if(($i<100));then echo -n " -c $i " " -r 1";else echo " -c $i " " -r 0";fi;done) # same as previous but without temporary file
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