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Summer School: Hands-on Open Source Drone Mapping and High Performance Computing for Big Geo-Data - Matera, Italy, 13-17 June 2016.

The questionnaire below will help us to set a better course syllabus.

Please spend a moment to answer:

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Programming knowledge level

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 1M20162) Do you know any programming or scripting language? >

No Yes but very basic level Yes


<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 2M20162) What is your level of Linux Bash programming ? >

Never used I know very basic commands I can write simple scripts I am a very experienced user (1)


1 I can execute bash scripts or combine several languages using bash or use xargs or other methods for multicore processing.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 3M20162) What is your level of Python programming ? >

Never used I can write simple scripts (1) I am a very experienced user (2) I use python for web development applications


1 I can use for loop and if condition in python.
2 I can work with matrix and do complex math operation, or use numpy scipy.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 4M20162) What is your knowledge of R language & environment for statistical computing and graphics >

Never used Only graphical user interface I can write basic scripts (1) I can write complex scripts (2)

</doodle> 1 I can write basic R scripts using if condition and for loop.
2 I am familiar with rgdal or raster libraries, or write my own functions and use libraries for parallel processing.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 5M20162) What is your level of AWK programming ? >

Never used Basic knowledge (1) I am an experienced user (2)


1 I just use print $1 and some if conditions in AWK.
2 I use AWK for loops , indexing and associative array.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 6M20162) What is your knowledge of GRASS GIS >

Never used Only graphical user interface I can write basic scripts (1) I can write complex scripts (2)


1 I can write basic scripts combining the different GRASS commands.
2 I write complex scripts, build Location/Mapset on the fly, set GRASS variable for batch processing using python or bash.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 7M20162) What is your knowledge of GDAL/OGR >

Never used Only graphical user interface (Qgis) I can write basic scripts (1) I am an experienced user (2)


1 I can use GDAL/OGR commands.
2 I combine GDAL/OGR in scripting routines using BASH or Python or R.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 8M20162) What is your knowledge of PKTOOLS >

Never used Only graphical user interface (Qgis) I can write basic scripts (1) I am an experienced user (2)


1 I can use PKTOOLS commands.
2 I combine PKTOOLS in scripting routines using BASH or Python or R.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 9M20162) What is your knowledge in GeoCoding in HPC? >

Never used Used Amazon cloud or Microsoft Azure I use multicore processing (1) I use computer cluster (2)


1 Example: I can split R, GRASS or GDAL scripting in multicore or use bash xargs on my laptop or desktop.
2 I am familiar with the use of ssh sessions and batch-queuing system such as SGE or Slurm.

<doodle MATERA2_2016 | 10M20162) Do you have experience in one or more of the following software (if yes select it)?>

ArcGis ERDAS ENVI ERMapper IDL Matlab AutoCad SPSS

Please post comments/suggestions or what you would like to achieve with this course. Remember to write your name in the “real-name box” in order to show who wrote the post.

Questionnaire Discussion Forum

Sandra Skowronek, 2016/04/08 09:32


I am a PhD student working on a project on the mapping of invasive plant species using airborne hyperspectral and LIDAR data. During the last months I mostly used R (and sometimes Qgis or ArcGIS or ENVI) for my analysis. With nearly all programs and applications I used, I struggled with the large file sizes and would therefore like to learn more about how to efficiently deal with big amounts of data, and about different options to do so. I'm also very interested in learning more about dealing with data coming from drones, as they seem more flexible to me in many regards compared to the aquisition of airborne data.



Kavisha, 2016/04/08 11:53


I am working for the storage and dissemination of massive 3D geodatasets like AHN3 point clouds and 3DTOPNL. It is difficult to handle such datasets with the conventional memory systems. With this summer school, I wish to explore the advanced skills and tools (specifically open source) for big geodata processing using scripting routines within a grid scheduler environment. Also I am interested in exploring the storage of 3D terrain datasets as raster/grids with compression schemes in which Rasdaman can be useful. This summer school is a opportunity for me and my PhD research to learn more about handling big geodata.

Regards, Kavisha

John Truckenbrodt, 2016/04/15 15:26

Hi everyone,

I hold a master degree in Geoinformation Science with focus on satellite remote sensing and image analysis and am currently a PhD student at the University of Jena, Germany. I have advanced experience using Python and R and basic knowledge using Java and C (via the Python C API). During my current studies I am concerned with large scale satellite image analysis/processing for ecological studies. Within this domain I have experience in using Python and R for parallel computing of satellite image time series and want to further extend my knowledge in order to analyze large Radar satellite image time series for the derivation of surface soil moisture in the context of wetland monitoring and hydrological modeling. This course would greatly benefit me in further deepening my understanding of parallel computing architectures. In my studies I am confronted with huge amounts of data in the order several TeraBytes and am looking for ways to efficiently manage them using large server clusters.

Cheers, John

Richa Marwaha, 2016/04/19 12:39


I am currently enrolled as a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, India. My area of work in satellite image analysis and Photogrammetry. My Ph.D work involves working on the analysis and reduction of error, uncertainties that creep in during the process of generation of digital elevation model. I would be using varied datasets i.e. satellite stereo pairs, high resolution aerial datasets and point cloud data using terrestrial laser scanner. It is very difficult to handle such a high volume of data. I am looking forward to this summer school as an opportunity to learn new techniques and algorithms.


Richa Marwaha

Nicholas Triozzi, 2016/05/05 15:17


I'm a geography graduate student at Hunter College, CUNY in New York City specializing in GIS. I earned my MA and B.S. in Anthropology. I am currently employed by the American Museum of Natural History where I manage all things geospatial for the North American Archaeology Lab. My GIS software of choice is ArcGIS but I have some experience with QGIS. I have built web mapping applications and frequently publish WMS and WFS to an organizational account with ArcGIS Online so that our team can work better with collaborators. During fieldwork I routinely use a total station, handheld GPS/GNSS devices, and I have experience operating Phantom Vision 3 Drone. I have used imagery collected by drone to render DEMs and enhance maps of archaeology excavations. I also generate 3D models with photogrammetry and CT scanning.

I hope to gain more programming skills so that I can customize my cartographic products and enhance usability for non-GIS specialists. I am also on the market for PhD. programs and I see this summer as a useful networking opportunity. Immediately following this course I am off to Sicily to work with a team to map out an excavation area and render 3D representations of it. I hope to use the skills picked up in this course to better the quality of work in Sicily.

20171012yuanyuan, 2017/10/12 07:27

chenlixiang, 2017/10/27 04:06 2017.10.27chenlixiang

chenyingying, 2017/11/15 07:46

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