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Will you use and progress using OS tools in future?

Students Bash Yes Bash No Awk Yes Awk No Gdal yes Gdal no Grass yes Grass no Qgis yes Qgis no R Yes R No
11 9 11 11 11 11 11

Do you feel to be able to independently improve and learn more about OS tools?

Students Bash Yes Bash No Awk Yes Awk No Gdal Yes Gdal No Grass Yes Grass No Qgis Yes Qgis No R Yes R No
11 10 1 10 1 9 2 11 11 5 6

Do you see any interest in using OS spatial analysis tools in your current and future job?

Students Yes No Little
10 9 1

Which part of the course did you preferred and would have liked to see in more in detail?

Students Bash Awk Gdal Gnuplot Grass Qgis R Theory Exercise Study case Projects
10 5 5 4 1 6 4 9 9 7 10

Do you think the training was well adapted in respect of your needs, your skills and knowledge?

Students Advanced and too difficult Well adapted Basic and boring
10 1 9 1

The trainer's supervision during your project was satisfactory?

Students Very much yes satisfactory Not enough
10 2 9 1

The trainers where clear and prepared during the 1st week of teaching?

Students Very well Yes enough prepared Not enough
10 10 1

The training organization was correctly carried out ? (VM + Virual machines)?

Students Virtual OK VM no Slides OK Slides no Vikipedia OK Vikipedia no Schedule OK Schedule NO
10 10 10 10 10
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