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 +====== Logistic ======
 +==== Venue ====
 +The course is hosted by [[ http://​​ | University of California, Santa Barbara]] - [[ https://​ ​ | Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology ]] and the venue is on  [[ https://​​maps/​place/​University+of+California,​+Santa+Barbara/​@34.4179643,​-119.8491437,​15z/​data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:​0x4e956b7e5cb6cec2 | Campus]] ​ at [[ https://​​maps/​place/​Student+Resource+Building/​@34.412698,​-119.852686,​15z/​data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:​0x2553cde9b2e5c5cd | Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)]] (you can locate the building at D/2 of the [[ http://​​maps/​ | campus map ]]).\\
 +The course will from 8.30am until  5.00pm with 1 or 1.30 hour brake for lunch. ​
 +==== Accommodation ====
 +Beside the typical or you can rent also a Campus Apartment at http://​​apartment-rental filling [[ https://​​santaynez2015.aspx#​ |  Online Reservation Request Form ]]. There is a section where you can enter the names of the participants sharing the apartment. If they have availability,​ a team member from their office will send a separate payment link to the reserver to pay online with a credit card. All occupants of the apartment can then split the cost amongst themselves.\\
 +When you fill in the form use the name of the workshop: Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis. After completing the reservation request, you need summit electronically to the  [[ http://​​ost4sem/​lecture/​lecture_odp/​workshop_invitation.pdf | letter of invitation ]] from the EEMB-UCSB department.
 +Another good alternative is http://​​
 +==== Travel Info ====
 +The easiest way to reach Santa Barbara is to fly to Santa Barbara Airport or Los Angeles Airport. ​
 +From Los Angeles Airport you can use http://​​ which stop in Goleta and in Santa Barbara.
 +==== Parking Info ====
 +  - Anyone staying in Santa Ynez apartments will have free parking there and it's walking distance to campus.
 +  - Parking in the student village of Isla Vista. IV is about a 5-10 minute walk from our building. It borders the west side of campus and should have plenty of free street parking. Respect any "no parking"​ signal or street sweeping signs since cops are very strict in IV.
 +  - Take the bus or carpool.
 +  - Buy a daily or weekly permit on campus wherever you park. Closest lot/garage is 22 and 27 (E2 on the map).
 +  - Buy a daily or weekly permit online at: http://​​
 +==== Travel Forum ====
 +In this section the course participants can post their journey itinerary or other kind of informations (e.g. willing to share a room in a hotel) and be able to travel together. **Remember to write your e-mail address also in real-name box** in order to show who wrote the post.   
 +~~DISCUSSION | Journey Discussion Forum UCSB~~