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Satisfactory survey

Since 2008 we asked our students to give us some feed backs.
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<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V0) Overall how would you rate this Workshop >

Extremely useful Very useful Somehow useful Not useful


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V1a) Did the training meet your expectations ? >

Exceeded expectations Met my goals No


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V1b) Would you recommend this training to others ? >

Yes No


Student's interest in in open source after attending the training

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V1) Are you interested in progress and use OS tools in future >

yes no


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V2) Why did you attend the training?>

to acquire new expertise to improve my skills to discuss related issues no similar course found


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V3) Do you see any interest in using Open Source tools in your current and future job?>

Yes No Little


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V4) Will you use and progress using these tools in future?>

Bash - AWK Gdal - PKtools R Grass Qgis Grid processing


Self learning

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V6) Do you feel confident in being able to learn more about open source tools on your own ?>

yes no Very little


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V5) Select the tools (if any) you feel being able to independently use and learn more about >**

Bash - AWK Gdal - PKtools Grass Qgis R Grid processing


How do you judge the training

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V7) Do you think the training was well adapted in respect of your needs, your skills and knowledge?>

Advanced and too difficult well adapted Basic and boring


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V8) Is there a part of the course you would have liked to see in more detail ?>

Bash-AWK Gdal-PKtools Grass Qgis R Grid processing Guided tutorials Exercise Short lectures

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V9) The trainers were clear and prepared?>

Very well Yes enough prepared Not enough

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | V10) The trainer's supervision during some coding exercises was satisfactory?>

Very much yes satisfactory not enough


Personal Statement

Please include in the personal statement these two points:

  1. Did this training met your expectations?
  2. Give us any feedbacks, opinion, suggestions.

Please answer here

Yuhao Lu, 2015/07/15 21:45

- well prepared workshop - thinking of starting use OS tools and Linux OS

Brian, 2015/07/15 21:50

1. Yes 2. For those unfamiliar with any coding, I think they might be lost in the first hour or so because you jumped right in. I think loading the front end of the course with a little bit more on how to understand syntax would be good. Maybe a few exercises early on showing how to decompose code.

Kyle Lochhead, 2015/07/15 21:51

Great - Well organized, exercises were very helpful in learning the syntax and developing the workflows/scripts, instructor was very helpful and encouraging during debugging

Missing - would have liked a bit more on data structures - how to create new ones and the pros and cons of some common structures, also a bit on managing large datasets for setting up processing - the pre-processing

Overall - Great course, would highly recommend, just wish I received this training earlier in my program

Jamie, 2015/07/15 21:52

1. Have everyone set up a free AWS account on the first day. Go through steps to install all OS software on the AWS instance, and run all course materials on the AWS server. 2. For exercises, set up a common workflow and go through all the steps in one workflow with one common dataset.

Tanya, 2015/07/15 21:53

1. Yes. 2. It was a bit challenging following along with many tools at once, but I found overall it to be a nice introduction to coding in Linux. I will need to practice more with the exercises before feeling comfortable working in this environment.

Ignacio, 2015/07/15 21:53

Yes, very much. Opened my eyes to many different approaches that can be used to process big data in a more tailored, interoperable and fast way. I was myself starting to have challenges in windows because some of the processing was too slow; so after this I now know where to point at: moving to linux and OS software. I would like to explore ways to work together with python and r.

I have the feeling that the most important pieces of software were grass and grid processing. The rest of the tools are important as support, but those two are crucial. Maybe I will use some more time on them.

Thanks for everything Giussepe. Has been truly a great course and you a great teacher transmitting you enthusiasm for the topic and experience. ignacio

Riccardo Tortini, 2015/07/15 21:53

I find challenging to give an overview of many tools/languages to a differentiate audience over a limited number of training hours. In this optic the course was well designed and balanced. However, I would personally focus into fewer tasks, possibly based on background and research interests. In my specific case, I found the bash/AWK lecture and practical training extremely useful for my research goals.

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chenlixiang, 2018/09/05 06:03 2018.9.5chenlixiang

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