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Satisfactory survey

Since 2008 we asked our students to give us some feed backs.
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<doodle matera2016W1 |MW1_0) Overall how would you rate this summers school >

Extremely useful Very useful Somehow useful Not useful


<doodle matera2016W1 |MW1_1a) Did the training meet your expectations ? >

Exceeded expectations Met my goals No


<doodle matera2016W1 |MW1_1b) Would you recommend this training to others ? >

Yes No


Student's interest in in open source after attending the training

<doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_1) Are you interested in progress and use OS tools in future >

yes no


<doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_2) Why did you attend the training?>

to acquire new expertise to improve my skills to discuss related issues no similar course found


<doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_3) Do you see any interest in using Open Source tools in your current and future job?>

Yes No Little


<doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_4) Will you use and progress using these tools in future?>

Bash - AWK Gdal - PKtools R Grass Qgis Python


<doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_4) Will you use and progress in drone mapping and high performance computing?>

Done Mapping HPC


Self learning

<doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_6) Do you feel confident in being able to learn more about open source tools on your own?>

yes no Very little


<doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_5) Select the tools (if any) you feel being able to independently use and learn more about >
^ Bash - AWK ^ Gdal - PKtools ^ Grass ^ Qgis ^ R ^ Python ^ </doodle> <doodle matera2016W1 |MW2_5) Select the tools (if any) you feel being able to independently use and learn more about >

HPC Multicore computing Drone Mapping


How do you judge the training

<doodle matera2016W1 | MW2_7) Do you think the training was well adapted in respect of your needs, your skills and knowledge?>

Advanced and too difficult well adapted Basic and boring


<doodle matera2016W1 | MW28) Is there a part of the course you would have liked to see in more detail ?> ^ Bash-AWK ^ Gdal-PKtools ^ Grass ^ Qgis ^ R ^ Python ^ Guided tutorials ^ Exercise ^ Short lectures ^ </doodle>
<doodle matera2016W1 | MW2
9) The trainers were clear and prepared?>

Very well Yes enough prepared Not enough

<doodle matera2016W1 | MW2_10) The trainer's supervision during some coding exercises was satisfactory?>

Very much yes satisfactory not enough


Personal Statement

Please include in the personal statement these two points:

  1. Did this training met your expectations?

(you can see what you wrote here

  1. Give us any feedbacks, opinion, suggestions.

Please answer here

Nick Triozzi, 2016/06/17 13:03

1. Python, not so much. I spent nearly the whole day of python completely in the dark. 2. I was happy to be exposed to OAM, ODM, and Rasdaman. However, I will still need to re-do the Rasdaman exercises in addition to learning the basics of bash commands. These are tools I will use in my work. 3. I would have liked to work more directly with the imagery we collected with the drone, and perhaps have a hands-on exercise in programming the camera with CHDK, et cetera. It was helpful to see how the drone was constructed, and I am interested in doing this on my own. 4. I would consider retaking this course once I am a bit more experienced.

Sandra Skowronek, 2016/06/17 13:10


first of all, this was a great course! I first expected it to be a bit more focused on drone mapping and ecological applications, but this was also good to have an introduction to the more technical side. Especially, it gave me a lot of confidence to use other programming languages and open source software other than R in the future. Also, it was very interesting to see the different possibilities for dealing with large data now and in the future.

My points of criticism is mainly on the Python and the Rasdaman introductions - I felt that the instructors where not really aware of who the audience is (in fact I asked the Rasdaman guys, and they told me they did not really know) - maybe in the future you can give the instructors more information about the level of the average attendee. There were many basic terms and concepts I think not only I was not familiar with, and I think there would have been enough time to introduce them in the beginning. Especially for Python the exercise part was also kind of unorganized and difficult to follow.

But in general it was a great week and I learned so much! Thanks for organizing this!

Best, Sandra

Ehsan, 2016/06/17 13:12

Thanks for this course. It was really so informative and useful.

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