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Satisfactory survey

Since 2008 we asked our students to give us some feed backs.
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<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB0) Overall how would you rate this summers school >

Extremely useful Very useful Somehow useful Not useful


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB1a) Did the training meet your expectations ? >

Exceeded expectations Met my goals No


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB1b) Would you recommend this training to others ? >

Yes No


Student's interest in in open source after attending the training

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB1) Are you interested in progress and use OS tools in future >

yes no


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB2) Why did you attend the training?>

to acquire new expertise to improve my skills to discuss related issues no similar course found


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB3) Do you see any interest in using Open Source tools in your current and future job?>

Yes No Little


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB4) Will you use and progress using these tools in future?>

Bash - AWK Gdal - PKtools R Grass Qgis Grid processing


Self learning

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB6) Do you feel confident in being able to learn more about open source tools on your own ?>

yes no Very little


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB5) Select the tools (if any) you feel being able to independently use and learn more about >** n= 70 (some students answered yes and no or none)

Bash - AWK Gdal - PKtools Grass Qgis R Grid processing


How do you judge the training

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB7) Do you think the training was well adapted in respect of your needs, your skills and knowledge?>

Advanced and too difficult well adapted Basic and boring


<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB8) Is there a part of the course you would have liked to see in more detail ?>

Bash-AWK Gdal-PKtools Grass Qgis R Grid processing Guided tutorials Exercise Short lectures

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB9) The trainers were clear and prepared?>

Very well Yes enough prepared Not enough

<doodle matera2015parallelsession | UCSB10) The trainer's supervision during some coding exercises was satisfactory?>

Very much yes satisfactory not enough


Personal Statement

Please include in the personal statement these two points:

  1. Did this training met your expectations?
  2. Give us any feedbacks, opinion, suggestions.

Please answer here

delphine renard, 2015/07/22 23:35

I found the class really great because of its richness. We learned how to start with a lot of different tools and we have everything in hand to keep learning by ourselves.

Few comments: - Different softwares are doing the same things. I did not get from the beginning what is the real advantage of seeing them all. It can be confusing sometimes. - I did not find gnuplot very useful, mostly because I use R and don't plan on switching to another software to plot graphs. - I would have liked to do more exercises - We learned a lot about spatial processing/analysis but not much about temporal or, better, spatio-temporal. Maybe a complete 1/2 day on this topic could be really useful

Thanks for all, it was a really fun and interesting week


Jie Shen, 2015/07/22 23:36

I have been anxious to study Linux system for a long time because i am doing a project about parallel geo-computation.The training course not only teach me Linux(Bach) but also GDAL,OGR,R,QGIS,GRASS and the integration technique of them. The training exceed my expectation. Thanks the teachers: Dr.Giuseppe Amatulli and Dr.Pieter Kempeneers! You are very nice, patient and helpful especially for my English is not so great!

Indy Hurt, 2015/07/22 23:42

Great course - thank you for your patience with everyone. Not sure what to suggest, but if there is anything further you could do to help everyone with environments before the course starts, that would be advantageous.

If there was additional time, it would also be advantageous to have everyone bring data and present the results of some analysis they are able to complete on their data with the techniques they learn in the course. The UCSB Geography Department incorporates this in some of their summer workshops. Check them out, here:
Each person emails the instructors one slide on the 4th night of the workshop, and the afternoon of the 5th day is devoted to giving each person 5 minutes to present their slide. We found that this ensured some adoption of the techniques presented in the exercise.
Thanks again for offering this course. It was really helpful and I look forward to integrating quite a bit into my workflow.

Thomas Lamy, 2015/07/22 23:47

Great training introducing a large array of very interesting, powerfull and usefull tools. There were enough details to gave me the confidence to explore more of it by myself. I will probably use some of these tools for my new postdoc to be more efficient. As an only negative point, I would have like to see more detailed and concrete examples developed in more details. Thank for this nice training, both instructors were extremly nice.

Mariano, 2015/07/22 23:49

I think that you guys did a great job! I understand how difficult is to cover all these topics in just one week but you put us on the path. Now lets keep coding. The course has covered and even exceed my expectations. Maybe too many packages were covered, which sometimes did the same things, so it could be confusing. So focusing on the task and a single package to do it could be better.

thanks so much for your help and patience

Bart Kowalski, 2015/07/22 23:53

I was quite new to geospatial opne source software, and this course was a very good introduction. On the flip side I was a bit overwhelmed with all the different tools, and after a couple of days I was a bit lost how and when to use which commands. I think it would have been more beneficial for me to start a bit slower to build my understanding of the folder structure and confidence of BASH, and then perhaps start with my own project sooner to have a bit more focused session.

Tatiana Kuplich, 2015/07/22 23:54


It was a great course, but for me there is a long way to go until I can handle some of this information. I suggest spending more time with the Virtual Machine instalation and its settings. A bash recap would be useful at the beggining of each class, maybe 30 minutes? Thanks for everything and hope to see you again in Brazil! Tatiana

Danica Taber, 2015/07/23 00:28

My expectations for this course were met: I learned about numerous open-source tools for analyzing data.

Overall, I am very impressed with how friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable the instructors are. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity.

I struggled with the material due to incompatibilities between the course software and my laptop OS (Windows 8; I hope to pass on the solutions in case they are helpful in the future) and the pace of the course. A possible improvement might be confirming that students have joined the instructors in the current terminal/program/file before continuing with the demonstration. My own limited familiarity with the software and concepts discussed also affected my ability to keep up.

Sincere thanks to Giuseppe and Pieter for flying out to share their expansive knowledge!

Susan Cousineau, 2015/08/01 17:33

Great course! So much information. I really appreciated having choices between different modules (parallel sessions) and the variety of tools you presented. You were both excellent teachers, supportive, knowledgeable and focused.

I would have liked more clear tutorials and exercises, and a clearer shift from Virtual Machine into how to use our own systems going forward. However I feel like I got a good taste of how to use Linux/Bash scripting, and what the capabilities are… now just to develop them for my own work.

Lacey Hughey, 2015/08/03 04:51

I was really happy with the course overall- you guys were excellent, well prepared and very approachable teachers. I appreciated the comfortable atmosphere to ask many questions in.

I agree that having us spend more time incorporating lessons into our own projects/making sure we can set off on our own right away would be very valuable. Also, a concise graphic of all the tools and 2-3 bullet points on what each one is most valuable for would be really helpful.

The parallel sessions were very effective and topics were chosen appropriately.

Thank you!!

Nick Kohler, 2015/08/11 17:19

Great course. I had a blast.

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