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How to manipulate HDF with open source.

The HDF format is supported by GDAL and can be manipulated using scripting routines on a Linux machine.

Download the data


It is possible to see the internal structure of the HDF format using gdalinfo

gdalinfo CONUS.month07.2011.h08v08.v1.5.hdf

You can extract an HDF WELD band and convert it into GeoTiff format:

gdal_translate HDF4_EOS:EOS_GRID:"CONUS.month07.2011.h08v08.v1.5.hdf":WELD_GRID:Band1_TOA_REF Band1_TOA_REF.tif 

You can do this for many bands:

for file in `gdalinfo CONUS.month07.2011.h08v08.v1.5.hdf | grep NAME | awk -F "=" '{print $2}'` ; do
   gdal_translate $file   ${file:65}.tif

Create a RGB composit -separate  -o RGB_TOA_REF.tif    Band4_TOA_REF.tif Band3_TOA_REF.tif Band2_TOA_REF.tif

See the data with openev

openev RGB_TOA_REF.tif

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