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 +====== Download and unzip files ======
 +Supposing that you want download all the 6901??​.tar.gz files  from this page  ftp://​​pub/​data/​nsrdb-solar/​solar-only/​ \\
 +you can easily done with wget
 +    cd /tmp
 +    wget "​ftp://​​pub/​data/​nsrdb-solar/​solar-only/​6901??​.tar.gz"​
 +    ​
 +Now you want untar all your files 
 +    for file in *.tar.gz ​ ; do tar zxvf $file ; done
 +    ​
 +Now your files/​folders will be stored in nsrdb_solar you can read one by: 
 +    head nsrdb_solar/​690140/​690140_1991.csv
 +And manipulate with AWK.
 +<note tip>
 +In case of an http server wget does not allow the use of metacharacter or regular expressions,​ but we can use curl in a similar way. See an help forum [[http://​​questions/​linux-newbie-8/​wget-with-regular-expressions-846368/​]].
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