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Modify a dem in specific point locations

# Reproject point data
ogr2ogr -t_srs epsg:3003 $INDIR/point_bridge3003.shp $INDIR/point_bridge.shp
# Rasterize point to grid. All no data value have 0.0 dimension even though in the metadata are recognized as No Data 
gdal_rasterize -burn 6.0 -a_nodata 0.0 -l point_bridge3003 -te 1435249.208 4876253.606 1438132.071 4878681.806 -tr 4.996296019418000 4.996296019418000 -ot Float32 $INDIR/point_bridge3003.shp $INDIR/Bridge3003.tif
# Redefine metadate so no data are coded as 9999. In this map there are no noData -a_nodata -9999 $INDIR/Bridge3003.tif
# Sum DEM and Bridge elevation pixels -A $INDIR/Bridge3003.tif -B TERRENO.asc --type='Float32' --outfile=$INDIR/ModifyDEM.tif --calc="(A + B)" --overwrite
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