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Satisfactory survey

Since 2008 we have asked our students to give us some feedback.

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<doodle twentw20131| 1. Why did you attend the training?> ^to acquire new expertise^to improve skills^to discuss issues^no similar course found^ </doodle>

===== Student's interest in in open source ===== <doodle twentw2013
2|2. Are you interested to progress in the use of Open Source tools in future?>

Yes No


<doodle twentw2013_3|3. Do you see any interest and value in using Open Source tools in your current and future job ? >

Yes No Little


<doodle twentw20134|4. Will you continue to learn one or more of these Open Source tools in the future ?> ^ Bash Yes ^ Bash No ^ Gdal yes ^ Gdal no ^ R yes ^ R no ^ Grass yes ^ Grass no ^ Qgis yes ^ Qgis no ^ AWK yes ^ AWK no ^ </doodle>

===== Self learning ===== <doodle twentw2013
5|5. Do you feel able to independently learn Open Source tools? >

yes no


<doodle twentw20136|6. Do you feel able to independently learn one or more of the following Open Source tools ? > ^ ^ Bash Yes ^ Bash No ^ AWK yes ^ AWK no ^ Gdal yes ^ Gdal no ^ Grass yes ^ Grass no ^ Qgis yes ^ Qgis no ^ R yes ^ R no ^ </doodle>

===== How do you judge the training ===== <doodle twentw2013
7|7. Overall, how would you rate this workshop?>

Extremely UsefulVery UsefulSomewhat UsefulNot Useful


<doodle twentw2013_aa|8. Do you think the training was well adapted in respect of your needs, your skills and knowledge ?>

Advanced and too difficultwell adaptedbasic and boring


<doodle twentw2013_9|9. Which part of the course would you have liked to see in more in detail ? >

Bash AWK Gdal Gnuplot Grass Qgis R Theory Exercise Exercise/ Tutorials personal projects


<doodle twentw2013_10|10. The trainers were clear and prepared ?>

Very well Yes enough prepared Not enough


<doodle twentw2013_11|11. The trainer's supervision during coding exercises was satisfactory ? >

Very much yes satisfactory not enough


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