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University of Alcalà (Madrid) Spain


The next training is organized at the University of Alcalà (Madrid) Spain, Geography Department, between 9-13 January 2012.

We have room (Aula de Cartografía) in the first floor de “Facultad de Filosofía y Letras” , street “Calle de los Colegios, 2, 28801 Alcalá de Henares (
Monday 9 we will meet in the entrance of the main entrance (8.30-9.0 exact time will be update later on).


We will carry out one week intensive training (7h day during 5 days) in “Open Source Tools for Spatial Ecological Modeling” using R, GRASS, AWK, gdal under Linux Environment.
Concerning the program we will skim through all the subjects in the emphasizing the command line procedure rather the clicking actions. It will be a really an hands-on course.



Nbr Name Payed email
1Julia Chacón Labella
2Stefano Orsini *sp
3Irena Bertoncelj *sp
4Toni Monleon
5Dario Rodriguez
6Marc Padilla *
7Vanesa Moreno *
8Ricardo Cardozo *
9Verónica Pascual *
10Olga Viedma
11Antonio J Castro
12John Gajardo (online)
13Francisco Moral *
14Sergi Costafreda'
15 Milan Kobal *
16Lara Arroyo Mendez
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