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The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) is an interdisciplinary centre leading cutting-edge research into solutions to problems of environmental change; and in so doing is enhancing people’s lives by improving their relationships with the environment

Welcome to the ESI Summer school on Open Source tools for GIS analyses and data processing

For people unable to attend the installation meeting, a second session of software installation will be carried out Wed. July 11th at 14:45 seminar room 9 in Peter Lanyon after the seminar. Before coming, install a virtualization software at your choice ( Virtual Box or VM Ware Player ) and bring your laptop.

The hand's on training will be carried out on a virtual machine Linux Ubuntu operating System with pre-installed Open source scientific software.
To participate at the training you'll need a laptop with 20GB of free disk space available.

The ESI summer school is carried out at the Cornwall campus, during the following training sessions:

Kick off meeting (1h)

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