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Geo Tools Scripts

We recommend to look at pk-tools, Gdal-ogr and Open-foris for building stand alone geoprocessing routines. This page collect a series of supplementary scripts that can be used as stand alone programs after installation.

Zonal statistic

  • calculates mean min max and stdev values of a continues raster (e.g. dem) based on a different categorized raster.

The output is a txt file with the statistical value of each category.

Add item area to a shapefile

Intersect two shape files

Extract unique values between two raster maps

  • extracts unique pare of values between two tifs/rasters and stores the results in a txt file.

Dealing with simple statistic in large txt file

* calculate average of a txt file based on unique id column
* calculate weigthed average of a txt file based on unique id column and weighted column
* calculate sum of a txt file based on unique id column

Create arc/info ascii grid

* create an arc/info chess_grid with pixel value 1 or 2

  • More ost4sem tools will be uploaded soon


    Tools of correlation and modeling analisis between two images.

  • oft-pearson.bash calcualte a r pearsono coefficencinet between two immages.
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