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Matera 2017 International Summer School

GeoComputation using free and open source software Matera 19 – 23 June 2017

Matera 2017 Projects

Projects: University of Copenhagen 2010

Projects: University of Basilicata 2010

  • MTA VEG Vegetation pattern dynamics using multi-temporal MODIS data
  • FLOW DET Flooded areas detection
  • SOIL MOISTURE Spatial analysis of soil parameters
  • Vector Vector data manipulation
  • 3D Vector 3D Vector data manipulation
  • R xls Process and analysis of Excel tables in R
  • BACTERIA Image pattern analysis of microorganism in microscope images
  • Krigging OS Mapping Soil contaminants using krigging model
  • BIOMAS Forest Biomass estimate from Vector to raster data analysis
Project Title topic context People
MTA VEG Multi temporal data analysis Vegetation pattern analysis Annalaura
MTA LAND Multi temporal data analysis Land degradation vulnerability Vito, Mariapia
SOILMOSITURE Multi temporal data analysis Soil humidity estimate Giuseppe
Vector Vector data manipulation Floods Luciana, Andrea, Leonardo, Sara
3D vector Vector data manipulation Data Vizualization Alfonso, Giovanni, Emiliano
R xls Processing xls tables Surface degradation Laura, Sergio, Giovanna
BACTERIA Image pattern analysis Microbiology Netula, Aladin
KriggingOS Krigging Model Soil contaminants Pietro
BIOMAS Vector to raster analysis Forest Biomass estimate Vito, Giusy

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Project Title topic
MODB&B Butterfly and Bumblebee modelling
VUG The value of urban green
GENEPOOL A lifeboat to the gene pool, prediction of crop trait properties
ECOWETHER Spatial interpolation for linking socio-economic data with weather data
COSTPATH Cost path analysis for Clethrionomys rufocanus movement
BIOMAS Carbon storage and sequestration in dry miombo woodlands in Tanzania
MARINE Fine-scale Spatial-Ecological Modelling of Marine Benthic Fauna
EXPDATA Exploratory data analysis
PLAPROB Predicting plant species occurrence probabilities after land-use change
MBUTER Butterflies in agriculture landscape
GLOBALCHANGE Global Monitoring of Tropical Forest Cover Changes
MUSSEL Spread pathways of Dreissena polymorpha in the Lithuania water
DISPERSAL Dispersal of Natural Enemies in the Agricultural Landscape
ALPINE The bioclimatic model in Alpine mountains

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