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Exploitation of High Resolution Satellite Imagery using Open Source Machine Learning Tools

Tom Jones, Earth Observation Specialist, Satellite Applications Catapult

Material prepared by:
Francesco Lovergine

Python is a high level powerful and fast programming language with broad links and ability to embed other libraries functionality specifically with respect of geospatial software and procedures. Similarly to R it is a object oriented language. It works with modules and packages inclusive of specific task performing dedicated or specific functions. Specifically a python module is a number of file imported and used while a package is a collection of modules in directories with a specific hierarchy. As an example in geocomputation we largely use packages such as Numpy Numerical python, Scipy Scientific python, Pandas Python Data Analysis Library , grass.script to writing python scripts in GRASS , Rpy2 an interface to R from Phython and many other. Finally, python is the QGIS programming language so we can use it to write scripting routines or new plugins.

Python Lectures

Python Tutorials

cd /home/user/ost4sem/exercise/python_intro
wget -N
wget -N
jupyter-lab  /home/user/ost4sem/exercise/python_intro/01_Python_Intro.ipynb
cd /home/user/ost4sem/exercise/python_intro/
wget -N
jupyter-lab  /home/user/ost4sem/exercise/python_intro/02_Geo_Python.ipynb

Python exercises

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