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Satisfactory survey

Since 2008 we asked our students to give us some feed backs.

Student's interest in in open source after attending the training

Are you interested in progress and use OS tools in future

yes no
nbr of answers 277 42
percent 87 13

Why did you attend the training? n=42

to acquire new expertise to improve my skills to discuss related issues no similar course found

Do you see any interest in using Open Source tools in your current and future job ? n= 92

Yes No Little
nbr of answers 76313
percentage 83314

Will you use and progress using Open Sources tools in future ? n= 76 (some students answered yes and no or none)

Bash Yes Bash No Gdal yes Gdal no R yes R no Grass yes Grass no Qgis yes Qgis no AWK yes AWK no
Answers 70 4 66 8 66 10 75 2 65 22 38 3
% between yes and no946891186149737525928

Self learning

Do you feel to be able to independently improve and learn more about Open Source tools ? n= 70 (some students answered yes and no or none)

Bash Yes Bash No AWK yes AWK no Gdal yes Gdal no Grass yes Grass no Qgis yes Qgis no R yes R no
% between yes and no8812792177239649737228

Overall ability acquired in self learning the use of OS

yes no
nbr of answers 238 46
percent 84 16

How do you judge the training

Do you think the training was well adapted in respect of your needs, your skills and knowledge ? n= 110

Advanced and too difficult well adapted Basic and boring
answers 21835
percent 19774

Which part of the course would have liked to see in more in detail ? n= 54 (some students answered yes and no or none)

Bash AWK Gdal Gnuplot Grass Qgis R Theory Exercise Exercise/ Tutorials personal projects
answers 4620302054364120352015
percent 1469616111261064

The trainers were clear and prepared?
^ ^ Very well ^ Yes enough prepared ^ Not enough ^ |answers | 37|28|1| |percent | 21|76|3|
The trainer's supervision during some coding exercises was satisfactory?

Very much yes satisfactory not enough

Teaching spatio-temporal analysis and efficient data processing in open source environment:tables

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